Restaurants in Avignon

Almost any of Avignon’s bars and cafés can provide a simple three-course menu at a modest price. The busiest streets and squares, especially Place de l’Horloge, are lined with brasserie-style restaurants of varying standard. Sometimes their most attractive feature is that the tables are in the shade of a leafy tree. Avignon also has some top-quality places, worth searching out to discover the best of Provençal cooking.

The Avignon restaurants below have been grouped into three pricing categories:
Expensive (over €50)
Moderate (€25 to €50)
Cheap (up to €25)
These Avignon restaurant prices are for a three-course meal for one, including half a bottle of house wine or equivalent. In France, service is always included in the price, and there’s no need to tip or pay any other service charge.

La Fourchette

Price: Expensive

This well-established restaurant offers a varied and accomplished menu prepared by Philippe Hièly, of Avignon’s renowned Hièly family of chefs. Located in the heart of the city, La Fourchette is popular for classic French fare and traditional Provençal dishes, such as beef daube (slow-cooked, herb-rich, meat stew). Décor is attractive and simple, with plenty of polished wood, in addition to friendly service. The wine list features mainly local wines. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Address: 17 rue Racine, Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9085 2093.

La Mirande

Price: Expensive

Set in La Mirande hotel's Cardinalice room, this restaurant continues to set the standard for haute cuisine in Avignon. Classic French cooking with a strong local accent of Provence and Languedoc, together with a modern twist, takes place in the kitchen here. For example, oregano duck carpaccio with cucumber jelly and an emulsion of carrots. Space and comfort, old-fashioned elegance and style, together all complement the dining pleasure.

Address: La Mirande, 4 place de la Mirande, Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9014 2020.

Restaurant Christian Etienne

Price: Expensive

The restaurant's eponymous chef, a 'Maître Cuisinier de France' (Master Chef of France), specialises in a style of cooking he calls ' régional inventif ', with an emphasis on seafood and game. The lunchtime set menu is very good value, but rarely as ambitious as the more expensive menus on offer. The restaurant enjoys an enviable location next to the famous Palace of the Popes.

Address: 10 rue de Mons, Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9086 1650.

Restaurant 83 Vernet

Price: Moderate

Housed in a 14th-century cloister previously occupied by Benedictine nuns, this slick gastronomic courtyard restaurant is magically set among the old stones and shade, with a convivial bar-lounge at the entrance. Chefs Florent de Brunelis and Damian Chocano bring quality, elegance and finesse to imaginative French-based fusion cuisine. The place attracts a young, fashionable clientele. There’s a resident DJ from Thursday to Saturday nights, and it’s open till 0130.

Address: 83 rue Joseph Vernet, Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9085 9904.

Le Jardin de la Tour

Price: Moderate

This is an excellent restaurant run by Jean-Marc Larrue, an experienced and creative chef who also offers cookery courses here. The décor is a cheerful red and white, and the cuisine is in classic French style but with menus emphasising all the best of Provence – sometimes slipping over the border into Italy. The classic Provençal fish stew bouillabaisse is a speciality. Occasionally elements from other culinary traditions are mixed in as well.

Address: 9 rue de la Tour , Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9085 6650.

Le Petit Bédon

Price: Moderate

This one is a favourite with locals and critics alike, who enjoy the well-priced take on regional and traditional classics. At the same time, the place has considerable elegance and style and dishes are attractively presented. On offer is a good choice of local meat and fish dishes and local wines. There’s also a vegetarian menu. A reliable choice, which is open daily for a good lunch and dinner (except Sunday lunchtime).

Address: 70 rue Joseph-Vernet, Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9082 3398.

Cubanito Café

Price: Cheap

Lively Cuban-style cafe and restaurant with an eclectic, but gorgeous menu. The atmosphere, décor and clientele celebrate all things Latin. The dishes are combinations of elements from several Latin culinary traditions - Cuban, Peruvian and Spanish, to name a few – combined with some French favourites. A flavoursome place with a great ambience and the extra option of some salsa dancing.

Address: 51 rue Carnot, Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9086 9804.

Brasserie Le Forum

Price: Cheap

There are several big, inexpensive brasseries in the heart of town, similar in appearance with their awnings and outdoor tables, and all busy with tourists. It might seem hard to choose between them. But Le Forum is popular with locals for its affordable classic French and Provençal dishes, such as snails, aïoli, fish soup with rouille or lamb with rosemary all served in a convivial, informal setting.

Address: 20 place de l'Horloge, Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9082 4317.

Le Grand Cafe

Price: Cheap

This restaurant is tucked away in a quiet corner at the back of the Palais des Papes. It's spacious, with high ceilings and gleaming mirrors in the old brasserie style. A menu of familiar Mediterranean dishes is the order of the day, using olive oil and whatever is fresh and in season. In winter, about once a month, diners are treated to an opera evening. Closed Sunday and Monday, except during the July Festival.

Address: La Manutention, Cour Maria Casarès, Avignon, France
Telephone: 04 9086 8677.