Shopping in Bogotá

There are plenty of opportunities for shopping in Bogotá, especially in the centre and the north (usually more expensive). Goods to look out for include gold jewellery, art, antiques and leather products. Colombia produces first-grade precious stones, and its emeralds are among the best in the world.

Key areas

High quality clothing and handicrafts can be found in Artesanias of Colombia, Carrera 2, no 18A-58.


Bogotá’s best known flea markets are Mercado De San Alejo, Carrera 7 between Calles 24 and 26 (0800-1800 Monday-Friday, Sunday 0900-1700); Parque de los Periodistas, corner of Avenue Jimenez and Carrera 3 (Sunday 0900-1700); and Plaza Central de Usaquen in northern Bogotá (Sunday 0900-1700). Pasaje Rivas, on the corner of Carrera 10 and Calle 10, is a craft market that's good for inexpensive items (especially Colombian ponchos).

Shopping centres

San Andresito is a large shopping centre that spreads over several blocks and offers typical Colombian items, such as ethnic jewellery and clothing and local handicrafts. Bogotá has numerous large shopping malls. Modern Unicentro is one of the city’s biggest shopping malls, and is full of boutiques, banks, bookshops, artisan shops and restaurants. It’s found at Avenida 15, no 127-30, and is open every day Monday to Saturday 1000-2200.

Opening hours

Shops are generally open Monday to Saturday 1100-2100.