Bogotá tours and excursions

Bogotá tours

Bike tours

Bogota Bike Tours runs bilingual, two-wheeled excursions – especially good on Sundays during the cyclovia. Spin around the city’s parks, plazas, and historical monuments. Tours usually last between three and five hours. Night tours are available upon request.

Telephone: (1) 281 9924.
City tours

Aviatur runs standard city tours, shopping tours and religious tours of the city as well as further afield. City tours last four hours.

Telephone: (1) 382 1616.
Walking tours

If you want to get out of the city, try Sal Si Puedes, which offers day walking trips in the countryside at the weekends.

Telephone: (1) 283 3765.

Excursions from Bogotá

Salt Mines

Located in Zipaquira, this is the largest attraction around Bogotá. It is a salt mine complex turned into a cathedral. Inside are 14 stations of the cross and a huge cross over the high altar, carved into the rock and lit from the back, and side-chapels which provide a real spiritual experience.


Suesca has recently been developed into a centre for adventure activities (rock climbing, mountain biking and white-water rafting). It is a good one day (possibly overnight) trip from Bogotá; rock climbers should get in touch with Monodedo to hire equipment or event organise climbing lessons.

Telephone: (310) 216 8119.