Botswana Food and Drink

Safari lodges and camps serve international-style cuisine, generally of an extremely high standard, along with local beer and imported wine and spirits. Good restaurants and bars can be found in main towns, often within hotels. Beef and goat are very popular meats. Elsewhere, food is more basic: millet and sorghum porridge are the local staples.


• Morama (an underground tuber).
• The Kalahari truffle.
Mopane worms (grubs, served boiled, cooked or deep-fried).
• Beans such as cow peas, ditloo (jugo beans) and letlhodi (china beans), dried bean leaves, plus nuts like peanuts and groundnuts.
Morogo (wild spinach) is very tasty.


A discretionary 5 to 10%. In many places, a service charge is automatically added. It is customary to tip the game guide and lodge staff while on safari.

Regional drinks

Palm wine (which is extremely strong) and Kgadi (made from distilled sugar or fungus).
Traditional beer such as bojalwa, which tastes a bit like apple cider.
Homemade ginger beer is popular.
Bush tea (or rooibos) is a reddish caffeine-free tea that is soothing and delicious, although something of an acquired taste.

Drinking age