Things to do in Buenos Aires


Ever since English cattlemen introduced the sport, polo has held a special place in Argentine culture. It continues to thrive amid the higher classes of society, and catching a match in Buenos Aires is easy, with many organised throughout the year. The Hurlingham Club is the most famous club in the area, and many clubs, such as La Manea Polo, offer lessons that range from a single day to longer courses.

The Hurlingham Club

La Manea Polo

Hot-air ballooning

The ultimate way to escape chaos of Buenos Aires is a gliding air balloon ride above the city. Launching in Capilla del Señor 80km (50 miles) outside the city, you float over the beautiful countryside, spotting animals whilst admiring the views. The best time to take the one-hour flight is in the evening just before sunset.

Horse riding

Horse riding is a true Argentine passion, and there are plenty of opportunities to saddle up in and around Buenos Aires. A great option is to visit one of the beautiful Estancias in easy reach of the city, who run riding trips form their land. El Ombu de Areco is close enough to visit in a day, and one of the country’s oldest ranches, Dos Talas, offers sunset riding around a beautiful lake.

El Ombu de Areco

Dos Talas


Golf is a growing sport in Argentina. Buenos Aires is home to some of the country’s finest courses, and attracts keen golfers from around the globe. Try the Jockey Club in San Isidro, or the Buenos Aires Golf Club.

Jockey Club

Buneos Aires Golf Club

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