Where to stay in Bulgaria


There has been a vast increase in the number of hotels in Bulgaria, mostly in cities and tourist resorts, and notably more guest houses in Sofia. Advance booking is advisable especially when travelling in high season to major resorts, and to Sofia.

Grading: Hotels are classified according to the European star-grading system, with 1 to 5 stars displayed outside, and although standards are comparatively low, they are improving. Special care has been taken in most hotels to conform to international standards.

Bed and breakfast

Accommodation in Bulgaria is available in small villas with private rooms, particularly near the coast, but also in small towns and villages inland in older houses.


Campsites in Bulgaria are classified from I to III, and the top two categories have hot and cold water, showers, electricity, grocery stores, restaurants, telephones and sports grounds. The camping areas are located in main tourist areas.

Other accommodation

There are youth hostels in over 30 main towns.

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