Cape Verde Weather, climate and geography

Weather & climate

Best time to visit

Cape Verde experiences warm temperatures year-round. However, there is a rainy season from August to October when rainfall is unpredictable. The coolest months are December to March. The best time to visit Cape Verde is from February to June, when the days are long and sunny.

Required clothing

Lightweight throughout the year, tropical for midsummer.


Cape Verde is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, 600km (450 miles) northwest of Senegal and comprises 10 volcanic islands and five islets in two groups: Balavento (Windwards) and Sotavento (Leewards). In the former group are the islands of São Vicente, Santo Antão, São Nicolau, Santa Luzia, Sal and Boa Vista, along with the smaller islands of Branco and Raso; the Sotavento group comprises the islands of Santiago, Maio, Fogo and Brava, along with the smaller islands of Rei and Rombo. Most have mountain peaks; the highest being Pico do Cano, an active volcano, which is on Fogo.

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