Casablanca Nightlife

Casablanca is not renowned for the sophistication of its nightlife, and you really need on-the-spot advice from a local to get the best out of what is there. Downtown, there is tacky cabaret and a handful of discos while bars, like the cluster along rue Allal Ben Abdallah, tend to be male-only. For ladies, hotel bars like the Bogart/Bergman-themed Casablanca Bar at the Hyatt Regency are more welcoming.

Bars in Casablanca

Au Petit Poucet

Once the haunt of pioneering French flyer and writer Saint-Exupéry, this colonial-era slice of old Casablanca is dressed in 1920s décor and oozes nostalgic ambience. The bar is rather low-key but it’s a great place for a romantic drink in Casablanca.

86 boulevard Mohammed V, Casablanca
Tel: 0522 275 420.

La Bodéga

La Bodéga is a hip and trendy tapas bar in Casablanca, located just north of the central market. This place is where the well-heeled Moroccans go out for a drink. There is also live music on most nights, from Arabic and Spanish beats to rock and reggae music. Or you can try Brazilian samba classes on Tuesday nights.

129 rue Allal Ben Abdallah, Casablanca
Tel: 0522 541 842.

Clubs in Casablanca

Black House

Located in Casablanca’s Hyatt Regency Hotel, the Black House nightclub mainly attracts business people and tourists. The setting is rather dramatic, with black and red décor throughout. A wide choice of cocktails is available. There is no strict dress code, but smart casual is preferred.

Hyatt Regency Hotel, place des Nations Unies, Casablanca
Tel: 0522 431 234.

Live Music in Casablanca


There's a dearth of live music venues in Casablanca but Latino fans can get their vibes at Papagayo, which has a band playing nightly. Dance salsa, meringue and other spicy Latin American dances or grab a bite as Papagayo also serves tasty Spanish dishes.

25 rue Zaïd Ibnou Rifâa, Mâarif, Casablanca
Tel: 0522 202 007.

Rick's Café

Sam really does play it again in the piano bar at Rick's Café, which evokes the ambience of the classic Casablanca movie. Stay long enough, drink enough shots, and Bogie might just amble in!

248 boulevard Sour Jdid, Place du Jardin Public, Casablanca
Tel: 0522 274 207.

Theatre in Casablanca

Théâtre de L’Institut

One of the main theatres in Casablanca is Théâtre de L’Institut.

121 boulevard Zerktouni, Casablanca
Tel: 0522 779 870.

Théâtre Mogador

Théâtre Mogador – recently opened in 2010 by dramatist Tayeb Seddiki – is the first private theatre in Morocco, hosting theatre productions, as well as dance performances and festivals. The theatre also houses a small museum devoted to Moroccan theatre, an outdoor area for children’s theatre and a café.

515 boulevard Ghandi, Casablanca
Tel: 0522 236 089.