Shopping in Casablanca

A visit to a local souk (indoor market) or to one of the many street markets is a must when shopping in Casablanca.

Key areas

If endless bargaining in Casablanca’s markets proves too stressful, the Exposition Nationale d'Artisanat, 3 avenue Hassan II, offers all the mementoes mentioned above and more at fixed prices.


Souks and street markets in Casablanca can be easily found at various locations across the city and suburbs. Buyers are expected to haggle, even when purchasing fruit and vegetables - prices are not marked on most items. Craft ware, superb carpets and leather goods are generally good quality and inexpensive but make sure you are buying the real thing and not some cheap imitation made in the sweat shops of the Far East.

Worthy mementoes include ornately decorated tagine cooking dishes, leather belts and jackets, handmade jewellery and attractively embroidered clothing but are generally dearer than elsewhere in Morocco.

Shopping centres

Alpha 55, at 55 avenue Mers Sultan, is a reliable department store in Casablanca. Avoid using credit cards as much as possible in the shops as fraud is widespread and, additionally, many retailers and restaurants will automatically add a surcharge if this form of payment is made.

Opening hours

Usual opening hours for shops in Casablanca are Monday to Saturday 0830-1200 and 1400-1830, but during the Ramadan celebrations, food stores open late in the morning, are closed for much of the day and then reopen from the evening until very late. Hypermarkets open from 0900-2100 seven days a week, while Jewish-owned businesses are closed on Saturdays.