Getting around Comoros


Each island has an airfield and there are services between the islands in the region.

Side of road
Road quality

All the islands have tarred roads, but 4-wheel drive vehicles are advisable for the outlying islands and in the interior, especially in the rainy season. Roads are narrow and domestic animals often roam free, so you should drive slowly.

Car hire

Available on Ngazidja (Grande Comore).


Bush taxis (taxis-brousses), hired vehicles or private cars are the only forms of transport on the islands.


An International Driving Permit is valid for up to three months.

By water

The islands are linked by regular ferry services. Travellers can hire motorboats, sailing craft and canoes in port villages and towns. A boat can be especially useful for Mwali (Mohéli) where the road system is rudimentary.