Places in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Food and Drink

Local food on Guadeloupe is a wonderful mix of French meets Creole with a bit of African and South-East Asian thrown in. It's often hot and spicy, with lots of fish specialities. Dishes include lobster, turtle, red snapper, conch and sea urchin. The more formal restaurants will require appropriate dress.


• Boudin Creole (a spicy blood sausage).
• Goat Colombo (a dish based on an Indian curry).
• Calaloo (soup made with bacon and spinach-like greens).
• La Creole (fish stew similar to the French bouillabaisse).
• Accras (fritters made from cod or vegetables).

Things to know

There are no licensing restrictions.


15% is often included on the bill.

Regional drinks

Rum punch (a brew of rum, lime, bitter and syrup).
French wines.

Drinking age