Places in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Food and Drink

Guadeloupian cuisine features many Creole specialities, but there is also a strong French influence. Seafood appears on most menus, and curry dishes are also popular. Spices and herbs are used generously, and local fruit such as the star-shape carambole, giraumon (a type of pumpkin) and malanga (a type of root) are also common ingredients. Guadeloupe has numerous patisseries and cafés serving French pastries with a Creole twist. The more formal restaurants will require appropriate dress.


• Cabri (goat, used in various dishes)
• Matete (a hot crab curry)
• Blaff (seafood cooked in a seasoned soup)
• Ouassou (spring water shrimp)
• Callaloo (a soup made with bacon and spinach-like greens)
• Bébélé (an offal-based soup)
• Accras (fritters made from cod or vegetables)
• Stuffed crab


Restaurant tips are normally around 15 %.

Regional drinks

• Rum punch (a brew of rum, lime, bitters and syrup)
• French wines
• Champagnes
• Liqueurs

Drinking age


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