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10 years after the Danish government began ‘normalising’ Christiania, Alex Fahey heads to Copenhagen to see what has become of the free town.

With Egypt unveiling plans to construct a brand new capital east of Cairo, we talk to city planners and architects to devise a checklist for building the perfect city.

We post replies for 10 of the most ridiculous travel-themed questions recently posed on Yahoo Answers, a longstanding online fountain of stupidity.

As Costa Rica breaks records for renewable energy, we round up 20 of the world’s greenest destinations – from self-sufficient villages in Italy to pioneering national parks in Rwanda.

From lobbing wine at strangers in Spain to diving with South Africa’s most fearsome predators, we round up our top picks for a June getaway.

Chris Allsop makes his way to snow-blanketed northern Norway to see how the Sami people are using tourism to maintain their ancient way of life.

The travel industry went into full leg-pulling mode this April Fools’ Day, but can you pick out the pranks from the real stories?

Your genitals might go numb and you may have to skip a fence or two, but wild adventures abound in London. Gavin Haines finds out more on the River Lea.

From the home of coffee to the grandest coffee houses of Europe, we round up the nine best coffee pilgrimages on the planet.

What did one man try to smuggle into Europe? And what forced a BA flight to return to Heathrow? Test your travel savvy in our weekly quiz.