Editorial Features - Page 4

From classic travel literature to long-awaited new releases, Dan Lewis of Stanfords reveals the books you should be reading this August.

From Shakespeare's Stratford to Borges' Buenos Aires, we explore the destinations that inspired our greatest poets and examine the marks they left behind.

Gavin Haines heads to the Mallorcan mountains, which inspired prodigious prose from one of Britain’s seminal writers.

From monitoring wolves in the Carpathian Mountains to rehabilitating big cats in the Amazon, options abound for benevolent travellers.

Why was an unassuming London commuter arrested this week? And what can you now hire a butler to do for you while on holiday? Find out in our weekly quiz.

Two months after catastrophic earthquakes devastated communities and brought sacred landmarks to the ground, Ruth-Ellen Davis looks at whether it’s time to go back to Nepal.

A Nepalese tour guide recounts his experience of the April earthquakes and tells James Hendicott how residents are coping in the aftermath.

Gavin Haines explores the protected coral reefs of Tioman Island in Malaysia – all in the name of science.

From a zoo trip that one family will never forget, to a punch up in Moscow’s Red Square, we bring you this week's weirdest travel stories.

From human towers in Barcelona to zip-lining across a UNESCO World Heritage Site in South Africa, we pick the best places to visit this September.