Editorial Features - Page 4

Spread across just four rooms, the Little Museum of Dublin retells the offbeat history of the Irish capital through an assortment of quirky items donated by residents. James Hendicott has a poke around.

Looking for lodgings with a difference? From a self-catering pub to a coastal defence tower, we round up the most unusual places to spend the night in Ireland.

Why has Beijing Airport's new terminal caused controversy? And why is one Japanese teahouse in hot water? All is revealed in our quiz.

Look, we couldn't knowingly send you to Temple Bar. Instead, local rapscallion James Hendicott drags us through the real Dublin - drink, drugs, debauchery and all.

From surfing Sri Lanka’s lost beaches to Shakespeare in San Sebastián, look no further for June’s best holiday ideas.

With a new book in the making, photographer Rebecca Bathory takes David Hillier through her favourite dark tourism spots.

From loafing around Paris to gold prospecting in California – via London during the Blitz – this month’s book selection takes us on a tour through time and place. Hop aboard.

What did one passenger do when his flight was being hijacked? And how did another end up opening the plane's emergency exit? Find out in our quiz.

From the waterfalls of Selfoss, Iceland, to the Kepler Track in New Zealand, we pick our favourite 10 photos submitted by our Instagram followers this month.

A bombsite in Tel Aviv has become an unlikely stage for a free-spirited weekly soirée. But with developers at the door has the makeshift drumming ceremony reached its crescendo? Emilee Tombs investigates.