Editorial Features - Page 4

From a flaming tar barrels festival in Devon to a stomach-churning glass bridge in China, we round up the best places to go this November.

We were inundated with entries in our recent haiku competition, but there could only be a handful of winners. Here we reveal the prize-worthy prose.

How did a Welsh hotel react when a guest was bitten by bedbugs? And who, according to Twitter, was the biggest hero when a plane caught fire in Vegas this week? Find out in our weekly quiz.

From canoeing through remote Ecuadorian rainforest with the Huaorani to exploring Swedish Lapland with the Sámi, we round up the most ethical ways to visit an indigenous community.

Visiting an indigenous community can offer an insight into local customs and cultures, but who is benefiting from ethno-tourism? And is it ethical? Daniel Fahey investigates.

How are one couple, who quit their jobs to travel the world, now spending their time? And where did a hillwalker manage to get stuck during a hike? Find out in our travel quiz.

From drink driving in Chechnya to travelling around Britain by bus, our favourite books this month serve up an eclectic mix of travel writing.

Pack lightly and forget about the travel insurance, here are 10 of the most dangerous cities in the world worth risking your life to visit.

Stirred by harrowing stories of blood and gore, Jack Palfrey travels to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to gain some perspective on the town behind the headlines.

What are Hilton Hotels about to ban? And why did a video of a Taiwanese boy visiting a Taipei art museum go viral this week? Find out in our weird travel news quiz.