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From a new Russian theme park to crackdowns in Magaluf, we round up this week’s strangest travel news.

Decades of violence saw Medellín ranked as the world’s most dangerous place, but now Colombia’s second city has staged a remarkable comeback. How did it do it, asks Darren Loucaides.

The little-explored Republic of Congo is striving to move away from the shadow cast by its difficult history and notorious neighbour, the DRC. Christopher Clark heads to Congo’s fast-growing capital, Brazzaville, to meet the young artists helping their country step into the light.

As tourists flock to Baku for the inaugural European Games, Jack Palfrey goes in search of the Azerbaijan you won’t see on TV.

From naked tourists and misbehaving supermodels to Ryanair’s charm offensive, we quiz you on this week’s strangest travel news.

From golden anniversaries in Singapore to one of the world’s weirdest sports in Wales, it’s time to make your August holiday more interesting.

From the Queen’s Vagina to sickly Singaporean street food, we round up this week’s strangest travel news.

Last year a French property tycoon bought an entire street in Paris, hoping to turn it into a foodie haven. But were his eyes bigger than his belly? Daniel Fahey finds out.

From tales of truth and lies in Tehran to a journey around every county in England, David Mantero of Stanfords reveals his best books for a June getaway.

Singapore is a boring business city with less culture than a low fat yogurt. Or is it? Gavin Haines finds out.