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Daniel Fahey makes a reservation at one of the most unique restaurants in the world: aboard a buoyant bistro run by the Egg People of Hainan Island, China.

From giants in Patagonia to Japan’s condom cookbook, we round up this week's 7 best travel stories from around the world.

When travel goes wrong: the incredible story of Jennie Wagstaff, whose jeep got stuck in the middle of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Nestled amongst the pine forests of Arizona, Flagstaff is more than just a quick stop en route to the Grand Canyon. William David Wilson peels off Route 66 and discovers a beguiling city with Old West charm and bountiful natural wonders.

Fancy something a bit different this November? How about going on a king crab safari in Norway or hitting the beach in Albania? We’ve picked out six incredible experiences to spice up your November bucket list.

The longhorn reared its enormous head and eyed me knowingly. ‘Please don’t charge,’ I uttered politely. All the reassurance that had come with my authentic cowboy hat had shattered, and as the bull's legs began to start up, like a plane propeller kicking into life, I realised...

Bored? Skint? Get out there and try one of our top 15 microadventures this weekend.

David Hillier unwittingly stumbles upon Bulgaria’s Buzludzha, the ex-Communist Party headquarters in the clouds.

From headless saints to homicidal poets, David Middleton unlocks the secrets of St James's Way, Europe's most famous pilgrimage route.

We sent Daniel Fahey to the very cusp of the known world to catch some Chinese monsters. Here’s how he got on.