Jerusalem Nightlife

Despite the lack of licensing laws, Jerusalem has never been known for its wild nightlife. If you're looking to dance the night away, your best bet would be to follow the example of many Jerusalemites and take a bus 60km (37 miles) to Tel Aviv. The nightclubs that do exist in Jerusalem tend to be located in the Talpiot area. East Jerusalem is particularly empty after dark. There's a big overlap between bars, clubs and live music venues - several of the most popular places are all three at once.

Cultural attractions abound in Jerusalem. The best ticket agencies for nearly all concerts and theatre performances in Jerusalem are Bimot, 8 Shamai Street (tel: (02) 623 7000; and Klaim, 12 Shamai Street (tel: (02) 622 2333). Travellers to the city hoping to catch live shows can also buy tickets in person from the various box offices.

Listings for major events can be found online at the Jerusalem municipal website (

Bars in Jerusalem


Bolinat is part restaurant, art café and part bar – and manages all three at the same time very successfully. It is a friendly, relaxed place that attracts the twenty-something Jerusalemites. Music styles vary and they have a big drinks menu and lots of feel-good food on the evening menu.

6 Dorot Rishonim Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: 053 809 4852.
Cellar Bar

Housed within the famous American Colony Hotel in – as the name suggest – the vaulted stone cellar of the ancient famous building, the Cellar Bar is a favourite watering hole of foreign journalists. The intimate, charming ambience is perfect for sipping a glass of smoky red wine and discussing politics.

1 Louis Vincent Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 627 9777.

This small underground bar/club is very popular with the younger university crowd and has a bar area and small dance floor near the DJ. It has regular events and performances by both well-known and up-and-coming Israeli artists and is known to be quite eclectic. It is housed within an old stone building.

4 Ben Sira Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 623 4366.

Clubs in Jerusalem


17 has long considered among the best clubs in the city and is still going strong, attracting international DJs and boasting two dance floors where you can groove the night away to a mixture of house and techno. It is located in the Talpiot district and is simply enormous.

17 Haoman Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 678 1658.
Bass Club

Located in the city centre, this is a popular small venue for those who like music with a string bass. Hip hop, house and electronic music are played and there are weekly reggae nights.

1 Hahistadrut Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: 054 460 4492.
HaTza’atzua (Toy Bar)

Housed in a famous old toy shop, this club is one of the favourites of Jerusalem’s 24-35 set. It is part bar and part club and designed in the style of a New York lounge. There are regular weekly appearances by local DJs who play mainstream Israeli hits, perfect for dancing to. They also serve food.

6 Du Nawas Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 623 6666.

Live Music in Jerusalem

Blaze Sports 'n' Rock Bar

As the name suggest Rock’n’Roll is the theme of this bar and live music venue. They boast 30 different types of beer, live sporting events on big screens and regular live music nights from rock local rock groups. It has a lively, friendly and relaxed atmosphere and is popular with both locals of visitors.

23 Hillel Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Mike's Place

Part of a growing chain of popular live music bars is Mike’s Place. Live rock or blues is played nightly in a packed bar setting, and they also show major sporting events on big screens. It has a very international atmosphere and there is a huge selection of beers and food available.

37 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: 054 799 1220.
Yellow Submarine

Known across the country for its live rock, punk, jazz, salsa & acoustic performances, this is Jerusalem’s hottest spot to catch up-and-coming artists. It is located in the Talpiot Industrial District. More than just a club, the Yellow Submarine acts as a meeting point for musical talent and also offers rehearsal rooms, recording studios, educational programmes, performances and shows.

13 HaRechavim Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 679 4040.

Classical Music in Jerusalem

Binyanei Hauma - ICC Jerusalem International Convention Centre

The centre hosts the world-renowned Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Visitors to Jerusalem may find obtaining tickets for its concerts in the city very difficult, as they are often sold out months ahead. Other events include musical performances, theatre and dance.

1 Shazar Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 655 8558.
The Jerusalem Centre for the Performing Arts

More than 150 orchestral performances and other concerts are put on each year at the city's principal performance venue, The Jerusalem Centre for the Performing Arts in the charming Yemin Moshe quarter. There are in fact several theatres inside that show a collection of Israeli plays, Hebrew translations of classic plays and concerts by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Ensemble, and occasionally the world-renowned Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

20 David Marcus Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 560 5755.
The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Hall

The Henry Crown Symphony Hall is the home of the excellent Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

Chopin Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 566 0211.

Theatre in Jerusalem

Khan Theatre

The Khan Theatre is one of the most popular venues for new Hebrew theatre performances in the country. Performances range from Israeli pieces to translations of international classics. There are also regular chamber and jazz concerts, Israeli folklore nights and occasional English performances.

2 David Remez Square, Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (02) 671 8281.