Kyoto tours and excursions

Kyoto tours

Bus tours

Kyoto Regular Tour Bus organise half-day trips that take in different areas of the city with English-language audio guides available. Popular packages include tours of Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Ginkaku-ji Temple, as well as an exploration of the Gion geisha district with a meal and show included.

Telephone: +81 75 672 2100
Taxi Tours

Several taxi companies offer private sightseeing tours that can be tailored to interests and time constraints. The company Kyoto MK suggests day long, chauffeur-guided outings that take in temples and mountain scenery and provides English-speaking guides.

Telephone: +81 75 757 6212

Excursions from Kyoto


Less than an hour south of Kyoto is the ancient city of Nara, the first permanent capital of Japan and one that remains adorned in cultural riches. Day-trippers should head straight for Todaiji Temple, one of the city’s eight UNESCO sites and home to a bronze Buddha of epic proportions. Those staying longer can visit the celebrated Kasuga Shrine and Kofuku-ji Temple, full of treasured Buddhist artefacts.

Telephone: +81 742 24 4858 (tourist office)

Step aboard a futuristic Shinkansen (high-speed train) and in the space of half an hour, Kyoto’s history-drenched streets can be exchanged for the ultramodern skyscrapers of Osaka. This neon-lit port city is famous for its dining scene, with hundreds of restaurants cramming streets around the Dōtonbori Bridge. Vibrant nightlife and some interesting sights, including the impressive Osaka Castle, add to the city’s appeal.

Telephone: +81 6 6282 5900
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