Travel to Lithuania

Flying to Lithuania

The national airline is FlyLAL(TE) (website:

Flight times:

From London to Vilnius is 3 hours. From Berlin is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Departure tax:


Airport guides

Airport Code: VNO. Location: The airport is located roughly 6km (4 miles) south of Vilnius city centre. Money: There is a bureau de change facility within the terminal, and ATMs are available throughout. Read more

Other airports in Lithuania

Kaunas International Airport

Airport Code: KUN. Location: Website: N/A. Public transport description: N/A

Palanga International Airport

Airport Code: PLQ. Location: Website: Public transport description: N/A

Travel by rail

Lithuania has a well-developed rail network run by Lithuanian Railways (website: Vilnius is the focal point for rail connections in the region. Major routes go to Kaliningrad, Lviv (Ukraine), Minsk, Moscow, Riga, St Petersburg and Warsaw.

Getting to Lithuania by boat

Main portsKlaipeda is connected by trade routes with foreign ports.

Ferry operators:

There are ferry services to Denmark, Kaliningrad (Russian Federation), Germany, Poland and Sweden. There is also a cruise ship terminal. For information on ferry services from Klaipeda, contact Krantas Shipping (tel: (46) 395 111; website: There are services to Karlshamm in Sweden; Aarhus and Aabenraa in Denmark; and to Kiel and Sassnitz in Germany.