Mali Food and Drink

There is a varied choice, from pastry shops to restaurants offering African, Asian or international cuisine. Several of the hotels have restaurant and bar facilities of international standard, serving international dishes, and most towns have small restaurants serving local and north African dishes. Hotel restaurants are open to non-residents. Alcohol is available in bars (with very late opening hours), but since the majority is Muslim, there is a good range of fresh fruit juices. Most people tend to drink fruit juice rather than alcohol.


La Capitaine Sangha (a kind of Nile perch served with hot chilli sauce, whole fried bananas and rice).


A 10% tip is customary in restaurants and bars.

Regional drinks

Malian tamarind and guava juices are delicious.
A traditional drink is Malian tea which should be drunk in three stages; the first is very strong ('as bitter as death'); the second is slightly sweetened ('just like life'); the third is well sugared ('as sweet as love'). Visitors to Mali may be invited to partake in this tea ritual.