Nepal Food and Drink


• Dal bhaat (lentils and rice).
• Tarkan (spiced vegetables).
• Gurr (Sherpa dish of potatoes pounded with spices, then grilled like pancakes on a hot, stone ground, and mixed with milk, tea or water).
• Rotis
(flat pancake-like bread made from wheat or rice flour).
• Choyla
(diced and roasted water buffalo meat, heavily spiced and eaten with flat, beaten rice).


Only expected in tourist hotels and restaurants; 10% is sufficient.

Regional drinks

Chai (tea brewed with milk, sugar and spices; in the mountains it is salted with yak butter).
Lassi (curd mixed with sugar in a mixture of sweet and salty flavours).
Arak (very strong potato alcohol).
Rakshi (wheat or rice spirit).
Chang (homebrewed beer made from fermented barley, maize, rye or millet).

Drinking age