Nepal Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Nepal

Popular buys include locally made clothes and textiles. These include lopsided topis (caps), knitted mittens and socks, Tibetan dresses, woven shawls, Tibetan multicoloured jackets and men's diagonally fastened shirts, and pashmina (fine goat's-wool blankets).

Also find khukri (the national knife), saranghi (a small, four-stringed viola played with a horse-hair bow), Tibetan tea bowls, papier mâché dance masks, Buddhist statuettes and filigree ornaments, bamboo flutes and other folk objects. Thamel is also full of outlets selling trekking gear - not always the make it claims to be, but most of it is relatvely good quality.

Shopping hours

Daily, 1000-2000 in tourist areas.

Nightlife in Nepal

Kathmandu's nightlife scene may not be considered wild, but there are plenty of late bars, live music spots and nightclubs in which to have a jolly good time. These are found around traveller hopsopt Thamel, and near the city's 5-star hotels.

Many restaurants put on traditional Newari dance shows for tourists - particularly in Pokara - and there are a couple of casinos for those who fancy trying their luck. Watch movie blockbusters on DVD in restaurants around Thamel, or sample Hindi films at cinemas.

Edited by Jane Duru
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