Marshall Islands things to see and do

Tourist offices

Marshall Islands Visitors Authority

PO Box 5, Majuro, Marshall Islands
Tel: 625 6482.

Things to see and do

Alele Museum

The Alele Museum ('alele' meaning a traditional Marshallese basket) has preserved the history and local traditions of the Marshallese culture.


The first stop in the Marshall Islands should be either Ebeye or Majuro, although visits to outer islands can be arranged.

Explore the marine life

Opportunities for diving include drop-offs, coral heads, black coral and WWII wrecks. Fishing expeditions can be arranged by local hotels or the Marshalls Billfish Club ( The club also organises monthly fishing tournaments. For further information, consult the Marshall Islands Journal or the Visitors Authority.


The former capital, Jaluit (its name meaning both 'come here' and 'beautiful'), boasts some of the best scuba-diving and marine life among the islands.


There are Sunday day trips to Maloelap or Mili atolls where there are opportunities to snorkel over WWII wrecks, eat local food and watch dancing. There are also many historic sites and buildings.