Paraguay Food and Drink

There is a wide choice of restaurants in Asunción, most with table service. Food is generally of a good quality, particularly when traditional Paraguayan food is on the menu. Places advertising an ‘international menu’ such as hotel restaurants will have a wide grilled meat selection of varying standards. There is also an excellent selection of river fish, including surubí, a fish the size of a squashed child and ugly as roadkill, but delicious in a stew.


Chipas (maize bread flavoured with egg and cheese).
Sopa paraguaya (soup of mashed corn, cheese, milk and onions).
• Soo-yosopy (a soup of cornmeal and ground beef).
Palmitos (palm hearts).
Surubí (a fish found in the Paraná).

Things to know

There are no strict licensing hours and alcohol is widely available.


10 to 15% is normally included in hotel, restaurant and bar bills.

Regional drinks

Mosto (sugar cane juice).
Caña (alcoholic version of mosto, distilled from sugar cane and honey).
Yerba maté (tea-like drink brewed from dried leaves and stemlets for the Yerba maté tree, can be taken hot or cold).

Drinking age