Getting around Pristina

Public transport

Pristina's public transport system is patchy. Fortunately for visitors, getting around on foot is relatively easy as most hotels, restaurants, bars and sights of interest are concentrated around Nënë Tereza. A torch is useful at night walking in the poorly lit suburbs because pavements can be uneven if not potholed.

Urban Transport Company (tel: (038) 553 107) oversee Pristina's inexpensive bus network yet provide little visitor-friendly information on routes and timetables. Useful routes from downtown Pristina include: number 1 to Fushë Kosovo Station, number 4 to Gërmia Park.


Taxis are similarly inexpensive so relying on public transport isn't a necessary headache. Taxis should however be metered according to law, so check before riding. Established taxi companies are RGB (tel: (038) 515 151), Roberti (tel: (038) 500 006) and Victory (tel: (038) 555 333).

Car hire

The minimum driving age in Pristina is 18 years, although to rent a car you need to have a minimum of two years' driving experience. An International Driving Licence, vehicle registration/ownership documents and a locally valid insurance policy are required. Both local operators and global franchises offer car hire. They include Europcar (tel: (038) 541 401;, MCM (tel: (038) 240 024;, and Shotani (tel: (038) 544 224;

Bicycle hire

Besides hilly suburbs, Pristina is not especially bike-friendly with curbside drains, potholes and busy traffic. Contact the experienced Intours & Travel (tel: (038) 552 103; about bicycle hire possibilities.