Getting around Samoa


Polynesian Airlines (PH) (website: operates daily flights from Faleolo on Upolu to Maota and Asau on Savai'i. Charter and sightseeing flights are available.

Side of road
Road quality

Drivers should be alert, especially at night, to the hazard of roaming pigs, dogs and people.

Car hire

Car hire: Available from several agencies. Deposit and insurance are usually required. Bicycles and motor scooters are also available.


Taxi: Cheap and readily available in Apia. They are not metered and prices should be negotiated in advance. There is a minimum charge of St$2. Longer trips are at a higher rate but are government regulated.



Regulations: Speed limits are 40kph (25mph) within the Apia area and 56kph (35mph) outside the Apia area.


Documentation: An International Driving Permit for drivers over 21 years of age or a valid national licence. The Transport Ministry issues a local licence for a small fee. An International Driving Permit is required for car hire.

By water

There are passenger/vehicle ferries between Upolu (Apia) and Savai'i (journey time - 1 hour 5 minutes). Check with Samoa Shipping Corporation (tel: 209 356/6; website: for up-to-date schedules.