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Davos Hotels


Davos is a sprawling, city-like resort with most accommodation found in dreary apartment blocks with very little ski resort charm. As well as apartments, there are around 45 or so hotels in Davos, with a mixture of 3- and 4-star choices and some rather bleak-looking luxury spa hotels.

Morosani Schweizerhof

081 415 5500.

The stylish Morosani Schweizerhof houses a swimming pool and lavish spa, and has attentive staff who go out of their way to please.

Club Hotel

081 414 9100.

Though unappealingly box-like from the outside, the 3-star Club Hotel has a convenient location, good facilities and offers decent deals for dinner.

Hotel Edelweiss

081 416 1033.

Family-run, friendly, and in a quiet locale, this hotel has pleasantly presented rooms, some of which have a balcony.