Icicles in Megève
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Icicles in Megève

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Megève Ski Resort Information

Slope Elevation

Resort Information

Beyond the slopes

Megève has developed into a year-round, multi-activity resort of which skiing and boarding are only a part. Dog sledding and snowshoeing are popular in the village; but there are dozens of other activities on offer, from relaxing in numerous spas and beauty salons to discovering more of the Mont Blanc Massif area on scenic flights. A sports centre offers curling, ice skating and swimming.

Family fun

The village has received the official French government Family Plus Mountain award for its services to families, including activities, childcare and medical facilities. Six to 14 year olds receive an interactive comic telling them about Megève and its history on their arrival, and there are activities for the whole family, including a number of sledging areas in the resort.

Children aged three to five can be cared for at the École du Ski Français’ (ESF) Caboche Club des Piou-Piou (tel: +33 4 5058 9765). This nursery is located next to the Caboche lift station, which has its own snow play garden and English-speaking instructors. There is a second club Piou-Piou in the Mont-D’arbois sector (tel: +33 4 5021 6586). The ESF (tel: +33 4 5021 0097; www.megeve-ski.com) also teaches children aged from three on its courses.

Retail therapy

Megève, with its 200 plus shops, is an excellent choice for visitors in search of a little retail therapy; and given this choice, it’s no surprise that most tastes are fulfilled.

It’s not just the volume of shops on offer that’s impressive; it's the quality of mostly locally owned retailers that is most striking. These include La Boutique aux Chocolats (tel: +33 4 5021 0164) with its large selection of delicious, homemade chocolates; and unique gift stores such as Le Folklore (tel: +33 4 5021 2919), which has a collection of jewellery for dogs. There are also prominent designer outlets such as Hermès (tel: +33 4 5021 0290); but for something a little less expensive, head to the weekly market with its array of nick-nacks and local products.

Splashing out

There are few resorts better suited to getting airborne without skis or boards than Megève, with its scenic flights over the stunning mountain landscape of the Mont Blanc region. Options range from a paragliding trip and private plane and helicopter flights to a sedate hot-air balloon ride.

Mont Blanc Hélicoptères (tel: +33 4 5092 7821;www.mbh.fr) offers a wide variety of tours, including lunch-inclusive or full weekend trips, each with a spectacular flight allowing stunning views of Mont Blanc. Scenic flights by plane can be arranged by Aérocime (tel: +33 4 5021 0321; www.aerocime.com). Hot-air balloon trips are offered by Alpes Montgolfière (tel: +33 4 5055 5060; www.alpes-montgolfiere.fr).

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