South Sudan things to see and do

Things to see and do

Go on safari

South Sudan has tremendous potential as a safari destination, and despite the decades-long war has a healthy wildlife population. Most famous is the millions-strong migration of the white-eared kob and Nile lechwe antelopes, a spectacle only matched by the wildebeest migration in East Africa. The migration corridor passes through Boma National Park, and a number of intrepid safari operators are attempting to open the area to tourism. Nimule National Park, near the Ugandan border is currently the most accessible national park, and hosts small numbers of elephant, along with hippo and many antelope species.


The capital of South Sudan is the place to visit to be at the front seat of nation building. It’s a fast-growing boomtown, with new buildings being thrown up on a weekly basis. Of the sites to visit, the most important is the memorial to Dr John Garang, who led the South People’s Liberation Movement and Army and died soon after the final signing of the peace deal with the north in 2005. There are plenty of places in Juba to enjoy the Nile; including many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a sunset drink.