St Kitts And Nevis Food and Drink

St Kitts and Nevis has built up a widely established reputation for fine food, a reputation which the local restauranteurs guard zealously. Restaurants specialise in Chinese, Western, Creole, Indian and West Indian cuisine. Most restaurants in St Kitts offer a continental menu with island variations. Nevis is less grand and Charlestown's small restaurants cater more to Nevisians than visitors. Fruit, including mangoes, papayas and bananas, is sold at the waterfront market. A wide range of imported drinks is available.


• Spiny lobster.
• Crab back.
Roti (thin pastry filled with curried potatoes, chickpeas and beef, chicken, goat, shrimp or vegetables).
Pelau (rice, pigeon peas and meat, similar to paella).
• Conch (curried, soused or in salad).


In restaurants, leave 10 to 15%.

Regional drinks

The locally-produced CSR (cane spirit) is excellent.
Local rums include Belmont Estate and Brinley Gold.