Stavanger Nightlife

For a comparatively small city, Stavanger punches well above its cultural weight with a wide range of concerts and performances and a vibrant nightlife scene.

Bars in Stavanger

Holmen Bar

Inside the Victoria Hotel, the Holmen offers a chilled, downbeat atmosphere except on Thursdays, when it becomes a smoking-hot salsa dance club.

Skansegaten 1, 4006 Stavanger
Tel: 5186 7010.


Groovy little bar – literally ‘The Needle’s Eye’ - decorated in antique style with lots of wood panelling. It offers the best range of beers in town.

Nedre Strandgate 13, 4005 Stavanger
Tel: 5184 3700.

Newsman Nyhetscafé

This busy bar, one block up from the harbour, is kitted out in the manner of a traditional English pub and sells a good range of draught beers. It heaves at weekends.

Skagen 14, 4006 Stavanger
Tel: 5184 3880.

Clubs in Stavanger

Cafe Stong

This groovy establishment attracts an arty clientele, drawn here by the cool vibe and the place’s versatility – it’s part café, part bar, part nightclub. It also puts on all kinds of shows, from concerts to cabarets and festivals. The frequent jazz nights are a special highlight.

Valberget 3, 4006 Stavanger
Tel: 5189 3878.

Hall Toll

Slick and modern place, which serves several functions – there’s a restaurant, a bar and, on Friday and Saturday nights, a nightclub, with a jam-packed dance floor that pulls in the city’s young and fashionable. The music ranges from house to drum and bass.

Skansengaten 2, 4005 Stavanger
Tel: 5151 7232.

Taket Bar & Nightclub

Well-established bar-cum-club where revellers gather late at night and stay till the early hours of the morning. Retro dance floor catering for dancers and drunks alike. House music takes centre stage.

Nedre Strandgate 15, 4006 Stavanger
Tel: 5184 3700.

Live Music in Stavanger


A good venue for indie, jazz and alternative rock. Inexpensive entry too.

Nedre Strandgate 25, 4006 Stavanger
Tel: 5153 2245.

Checkpoint Charlie

Big and brash pub and club with a lively and imaginative programme of live bands and DJ nights. A student favourite.

Lars Hertervigs gate 5, 4005 Stavanger
Tel: 5153 2245.


Folken is the focus of student life in Stavanger. There’s a café on the ground floor and a concert hall above, which features national and sometimes international bands, songsters and performing artists. Indie is the music of choice on most nights.

Ny Olavskleiv 16, 4008 Stavanger
Tel: 5156 4444.

Classical Music in Stavanger

Stavanger Concert Hall

The main venue for concerts and shows, the city’s prestigious concert hall is also home to the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, which offers free summer concerts in the foyer every day in July.

Bjergsted, 4007 Stavanger
Tel: 5150 8810.

Theatre in Stavanger

Rogaland Teater

This theatre company presents 10-14 productions each year on four different stages. On average there are 400-500 shows annually, and the repertoire ranges from modern and classical drama to comedies and musicals, mostly – but not exclusively – in Norwegian.

Teaterveien 1, 4005 Stavanger
Tel: 5191 9000.

Music and Dance in Stavanger

Gaffel & Karaffel

Informal café and restaurant that spreads over four floors, providing easily enough room for a mixed offering of shows, theatre, cabarets and musical revues.

Address: Øvre Holmegate 20, 4006 Stavanger
Tel: 5186 4158.