Places in Syria

Syrian Arab Republic Food and Drink

There are numerous restaurants in Aleppo and Damascus serving a variety of Oriental and European dishes.


Kubbeh (minced semolina and meat formed in balls and stuffed with minced meat, onion and nuts).
Yabrak (vine leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat), ouzi (pastry stuffed with rice and minced meat) and a variety of vegetables cooked with meat and tomato sauce, usually presented on separate plates and eaten by mixing it with cooked rice.
Mensaf (pieces of lamb on rice and pine nuts).
• Main vegetables are okra, French beans and malukhiyya.
Baklava is a favourite dessert made from flaky pastry filled with honey and nuts.

Things to know

Table service is the norm and a meal is paid for afterwards. There are bars serving a wide range of alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is permitted but restrictions are imposed during Ramadan when it is illegal to drink in public from dawn to dusk, even for non-Muslims.


Often expected, especially in more expensive establishments; 10% is generally acceptable.

Regional drinks

Tea and coffee.
Local beers include Al-Sharq, brewed in Aleppo, and Barada, from Damascus.