Restaurants in Tel Aviv

There are over 500 restaurants in Tel Aviv, serving food from all over the world, so visitors are spoilt for choice. Most Tel Aviv restaurants don’t bother with kashrut (Jewish dietary laws), and this is a ‘foodie’ city on the international level. Several outstanding places offer gastronomic dining. Alongside these gourmet establishments are many good mid-priced restaurants, and scores of budget eateries (especially the useful falafel cafes) offering quick, tasty meals. However, service may seem unprofessional, and waiters too direct in openly asking for tips. The atmosphere is always relaxed and informal. Even in the dressiest places, ‘smart casual’ is the norm.

The Tel Aviv restaurants below have been hand-picked by our guide author and are grouped into three pricing categories:
Expensive (over NIS200)
Moderate (NIS100-200)
Cheap (up to NIS100)
These Tel Aviv restaurant prices are for a three-course meal for one, including half a bottle of house wine or equivalent, tax and service. A service charge of 12.5% or more will be added to your bill in most restaurants. If service is not included, a minimum 10% tipping is customary. 

Mul Yam

Price: Expensive

A great dining experience, harbourside Mul Yam specialises in refined and imaginative seafood cuisine, beautifully presented. Head chef Yoram Nitzan trained in some of the world’s leading restaurants. Try such dishes as grilled scallop on white asparagus gratin with lime-thyme foam, served with brioche. Expect an exceptional wine list and sky-high prices.

Address: Hangar 24, Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 546 9920.


Price: Expensive

In a pleasant, uncrowded setting on the third floor of the hotel’s impressive atrium, the main restaurant of the luxury David InterContinental offers skillfuly prepared French kosher cuisine. It’s a meat restaurant (kosher restaurants have to choose between being ‘meat’ or ‘dairy’), but with many vegetarian options. One of Tel Aviv’s best hotel restaurants, it makes a good choice even if you don’t keep kosher. Service is attentive and friendly.

Address: 12 Kaufman Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 795 1111.


Price: Expensive

In a beautiful Ottoman villa, decorated with uncluttered pale elegance and the original floor tiles, chef Meir Adoni prepares astonishing and imaginative dishes combining contrasting flavours, including ‘molecular’ foams and sauces. Try grouper fillet with smoked potato purée, eringi mushroom, black cabbage, bone marrow and red wine sauce. The unmissable house dessert is adama (“earth”). It’s all expensive, but excellent.

Address: 4 Heychal Hatalmud Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 510 7001.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Price: Moderate

It’s chocolate with everything at this attractive, fun restaurant, one of several worldwide branches (there are three in Tel Aviv) of this chocoholics' paradise, serving a surprisingly wide and appealing menu. Among the offerings: chocolate pizza. The savoury dishes are good too, and it’s possible to enjoy lunch or dinner here without touching the chocolate (but what would be the point?). To finish, choose from three kinds of hot chocolate.

Address: 45 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 560 4570.

Cafe Noir

Price: Moderate

Despite the name, this appealing place, in authentic French brasserie style with dark wood furnishings and paintings on the walls, is as much a restaurant as a café. A block from Rothschild Boulevard, it’s open from early morning till the early hours of the next day, with a genuine French menu than ranges from croissants to entrecôte bordelaise. Above all it’s noted for top-quality schnitzels – chicken, pork and milk-fed veal.

Address: 43 Ehad Ha'am Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 566 3018.

Olive Leaf

Price: Moderate

The Sheraton Hotel makes much of the smart setting and even the comfort of the specially designed chairs in its “signature restaurant”. But it also serves among the finest kosher cooking in Tel Aviv. Excellent and satisfying simple meat dishes with the freshest vegetable accompaniments are prepared in a French and Mediterranean style and beautifully presented. Even for non-kosher diners, a good choice for top-quality dining.

Address: Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel, 115 Yarkon Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 521 1111.

Café London

Price: Cheap

Big, crowded, easy-going, and right beside the beach, this huge open-air eatery offers a very wide selection of dishes all day and all evening. Almost any and every kind of food is available, from brunch to late-night supper and between meals too. Quality may be variable, and the service can be hopelessly lackadaisical and incompetent, but portions are generous and it has one of the best locations on the promenade.

Address: 111 Herbert Samuel Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 523 5055.

Abu El-Abed

Price: Cheap

Ever since it opened here in 1949, this basic family-run diner on Jaffa’s busy Yefet Street has been packed with Jews and Arabs united by a love of good, inexpensive eating. Where to find the best hummus is a frequent subject of debate in Tel Aviv. Many agree this is the place – and not just for freshly made hummus; it’s also acclaimed for its falafels, shishlik and other local favourites.

Address: 92 Yefet Street, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 681 4665.


Price: Cheap

Ostensibly just a café serving exceptionally good coffee, but the Arcaffe chain also offers huge mixed salads together with delicious bread. It makes a perfectly satisfying, and healthy, lunch or dinner at an affordable price. Afterwards, of course, enjoy a coffee and pastry to finish. This branch is also an ideal spot to soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant, attractive and fashionable part of the city.

Address: 31 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Israel
Telephone: (03) 566 0259.