Where to go on holiday in July 2019

Published on: Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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From music festivals in Copenhagen to camel racing in the Australian outback, and sun-drenched Guernsey to exotic Tahiti, we’ve got July’s best holidays nailed

Best for families – Guernsey

Measuring just 62 sq km (38 sq miles) in size, Guernsey floats in the middle of the English Channel, just off the Normandy coastline in France. July is the sunniest (with 250 hours of recorded sunshine) and the driest month, making Guernsey a quintessential family holiday destination – children can roam freely while parents relax with a book on the beach. Beyond the shores, the 800-year-old Castle Cornet is a top attraction with five museums within its compound – drop by before noon to catch its midday gun firing and stay to see a Living History outdoor theatre performance. The Little Chapel, a quirky, quaint church with just enough space for a priest and a congregation of five, is also a must-see.

Getting to Guernsey

The main airline serving Guernsey is Aurigny, which flies direct from several destinations in the UK and France. Flybe also flies to Guernsey from a few UK airports and Dusseldorf in Germany. Search for your flights on Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest available. Assuming you’re departing from July 12 and returning on July 19, a search on May 27 reveals that the cheapest flight from London Southend to Guernsey with Flybe is £110 return. This flight takes one hour 15 minutes.

Before you go, see our Guernsey travel guide for travel tips.

Best for a city break – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital blooms in July with the clement weather ideal for exploring the city on foot or by bicycle, or for relaxing in the many leafy parks such as King’s Park, a popular spot for sun-worshippers. The month of July also sees Copenhagen hosting a string of festivals, including Friday Rock (every Friday), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (July 5-14), Roskilde Festival (July 10) and Grøn (July 29). If you prefer seeing than hearing, check out the giant sand sculptures by an array of renowned international artists at Hundested Harbour throughout summer.

Getting to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is easily accessible, so search for your flights on Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest available. Assuming you’re departing from July 8 and returning on July 16, a check on May 27 reveals that the most affordable flights are:

  • London to Copenhagen with Ryanair from £37. This direct flight takes one hour 45 minutes.
  • New York to Copenhagen with Icelandair from US$774. This flight has a stopover in Reykjavík and takes ten hours 35 minutes. Alternatively, SAS flies direct and will set you back US$986 return.
  • A flight from Singapore to Copenhagen with Thai Airways is SG$909, and a quick stopover in Bangkok, taking 16 hours 50 minutes in total.

Before you go, follow this HotelsCombined link to compare hotel prices in Copenhagen and also check out the Copenhagen travel guide.

Best for a beach break – Papeete, Tahiti

If you’re in search of a beachside escape with a dose of culture on the side, head to the South Pacific island paradise of Tahiti. Boasting crystal clear waters and black stretches of sand, Tahiti is the ultimate tropical haven. When you’re not lazing in the sun, make sure to visit the capital, Papeete. Every July, this city comes alive with the exceedingly colourful Heiva I Tahiti festival – a joyful celebration of Polynesian arts and crafts. You can expect wonderful displays of traditional song and dance, as well as exhibitions and demonstrations of beautiful local wood carvings, artwork and jewellery.

Getting to Tahiti

Given that Tahiti is a remote and tranquil island destination, travelling there can take some time, but you can stop over at some exciting places. The main airport in Tahiti is Faa’a International Airport, which is close to the capital city, Papeete. Assuming you’re departing from July 15 and returning on July 22, a search on 27 March on Skyscanner reveals that the cheapest flights are:

  • London to Tahiti with Air France and Air Tahiti Nui from £1,967 return. This flight takes 26 hours 25 minutes and has a stopover in Paris and Los Angeles.
  • New York to Tahiti with Alaska Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui from US$1,640 return, which will take 20 hours 45 minutes, and stopover in Seattle and Los Angeles.
  • Singapore to Tahiti with Malaysia Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui S$2,364 return. This journey will take 22 hours 50 minutes, stopping over in Kuala Lumpur and Auckland.

Make sure you browse through our Tahiti travel guide before you venture on your trip.

Best for an adventure break – Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Situated in the heart of Australia is Alice Springs, which makes an excellent base for exploring the country’s interior desert region. On July 20, the town hosts a rather unusual event which sees riders participate in nine different camel races. Riding and racing a camel is no easy feat, which makes watching this race even more exciting. This event dates back to 1970, and today, you can also view local performances, wander around food stalls and enjoy refreshments at one of the bars.

Getting to Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs is halfway between Darwin and Adelaide, so you can fly into one of the cities and hire a car. You can also get flights to Alice Springs from all the Australian capital cities with the exception of Canberra. From Singapore, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines and Qantas fly to Darwin or Adelaide, so search for your flights on Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest available.

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