Where to go on holiday in June 2019

Published on: Thursday, May 9, 2019
Where to go on holiday in June 2019 - View of Hong Kong cityscape at night


June is one of the most popular times of the year for travel, so we look at four of the most outstanding destinations you should consider this month

Best for families: Hong Kong

A veritable jewel of the orient that offers culture, colour and charm in equal measure, Hong Kong is a destination for anyone wanting to enjoy a unique balance of classic and contemporary Asia in one vibrant location. Renowned for its iconic skyline and mouth-watering cuisine, Hong Kong is also one of the world’s most underrated family holiday destinations, with a plethora of fun, all-inclusive activities for adults and kids alike.

Most notable of these are Hong Kong’s famous Ocean Park, ranked the 7th most popular theme park in the world, and Hong Kong Disneyland, which needs no introduction. Between June 14-16, the city also plays host to the annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival on the Central Harbourfront. The event is free for all spectators.

Getting to Hong Kong

Flights to Hong Kong are easily accessible so search for your flights on Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest available. Assuming you’re departing on June 10 and returning on June 17, a check on Mar 24 reveals the cheapest flights are:

  • London to HK with British Airways will set you back £406 and takes 12 hours directly.
  • New York to HK from US$906 with Air China. This flight has a speedy stopover in Beijing and takes 19 hours 20 minutes.
  • Singapore to HK from S$223 with Jetstar. This direct flight takes 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Before you go, see our Hong Kong travel guide for travel tips and attractions.

Best for city slickers: NYC, New York

It’s no secret that New York is a year-round tourist destination that offers some of the most spectacular sights on the planet. Whether it’s the trendy street art of Brooklyn that tickles your fancy or the hustle and bustle of Times Square that piques your interest, NYC simply cannot disappoint.

With an average high of 27°C (81°F), June is a good month to find a spot and enjoy the many free concerts in Central Park. For a unique look at the city, try the Roosevelt Island Tramway which provides breath-taking aerial views of New York as you traverse the East River; alternatively, take the Vertical Tour at the Cathedral of St John the Divine.

Getting to NYC

New York is one of the most accessible cities by air so search for your flights on Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest available. Assuming you’re departing on June 10 and returning on June 17, a check on Mar 24 reveals the cheapest flights are:

  • London to NY from £277 with Austrian Airlines (operated by United). This direct flight takes 8 hours.
  • Singapore to NY from S$840 with Air China. This flight has a stopover in Beijing and takes 22 hours 45 minutes.

Before you go, visit the NYC travel guide.

Best for beach bums: Tulum, Mexico

Nestled away on Mexico’s idyllic east coast, Tulum is the ultimate beach destination for travellers seeking chalk-white sands and warm Caribbean waters. A stone’s throw from notable Mexican hotspots such as Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Tulum is a more relaxed Caribbean town that’s revered for its crystal clear cenotes (underwater caves which tourists can swim in), impressive archaeological history and flourishing natural wildlife.

Though the beaches are one of the main drawcards, with decent swells and pristine sands attracting surfers and swimmers alike, the crumbling ruins of Tulum Castillo are perhaps the most significant part of the town’s cultural and historical magnitude. Enjoy the intricate pre-Columbian Mayan city and take in the stories behind this civilisations bewildering exploits, before heading down to the beach beneath and lapping up the sun.

Getting to Tulum, Mexico

To get to Tulum you will need to fly into Cancun International Airport and then take a shuttle to Tulum, which takes approximately 2 hours depending on traffic.

Airlines that fly direct from London to Cancun include British Airways, Thomas Cook and Condor. From New York, Delta, JetBlue, InterJet, and United compete intensely so search for your flights on Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest available.

Best for thrill seekers: Haro, Spain

Haro is a small town in northern Spain’s La Rioja province, made famous for its fine red wine and annual Wine Festival, with a twist. On June 29 each year, locals of Haro engage in a ‘battle’ that involves thousands of people descending into Haro for three days of festivities and pandemonium. With everyone dressed in white, by the end of the festival, your clothes will be a deep shade of purple, dripping with wine. Be warned, this is recommended for adventurers looking to truly immerse themselves in local custom and is not for the faint of heart.

Getting to Haro, Spain

The easiest way to reach Haro is by bus or train from Bilbao, which can take up to 2 hours typically. The Alava L17 Bus runs every 30 minutes to Haro and takes around 90 minutes, while the Renfe train service to Haro (A433 or A437) is less frequent and takes around 2 hours.

Assuming you’re departing on Jun 28 and returning on Jun 30, a check on Mar 24 reveals the cheapest flights from London start from £116 with easyJet.

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