City Highlight


City Highlight: Sydney

Hugh Jackman said, “If I’m a lush at anything, it’s food and drink.” He’s a Sydney boy, and his hometown makes the tastebuds of food lovers salivate.

City Highlight: Beirut

One of the oldest cities in the world, Beirut is an intoxicating mix of East and West.

City Highlight: Copenhagen

One of our writers said Copenhagen is like sunshine on roses - beautiful and sophisticated, it makes your heart melt like butter on a hot pavement.

City Highlight: Doha

In Doha, going to the shopping malls is more than a hobby, it's a necessity. Read on to find out why.

City Highlight: Jakarta

Jakarta is as bold and dynamic as the Java coffee beans it has been exporting to the world since the 17th century. For intrepid foodies, it’s Kopi Luwak that gets all the attention.



The Best Ice-Cream in London

The artisanal ice-cream industry is booming, and London has some world-class offerings. From gelato to sundaes, here are the best ice-creams in the capital

The Great American Eclipse

The first total eclipse of the sun for 100 years takes place in the USA in August, an event so astonishing it reduces many to tears. Here’s how it happens

Rwanda: open for business

After two decades of reconstruction Rwanda is blossoming as a beautiful country to visit.

Where to go on holiday in August 2017

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, but it can be unbearably hot in August. Here are some recommendations to beat the heat.

Eight unique and quirky places to stay in South America

South America is one of the wilder continents and some of the places you can stay are equally outlandish. We choose 8 of the quirkier ones

The Best Street Art Tours

London, New York and Berlin have some of the most vibrant street art in the world. Why not take a tour?

From Coppola to Cliff Richard - six celebrity winery owners

There’s nothing so satisfying as sitting in the shade of your own vines with a glass of your own wine in your hand, a philosopher once said… these six celebrities would agree

Space tourism: Ground control to … anybody with a big enough bank balance

To date, only 559 people have gone into space, although rapid advances in technology mean we are getting closer a new era in space tourism

Top 5 (A Quick Read)

Top 5: Yoga and surf holidays around the world

Whether you’re a group of friends on a surf adventure or a yoga practitioner on a personal journey, these five retreats are as close to paradise as you can get

Top 5: Budget Holiday Destinations for 2017

From Bulgaria to Mexico, here are five of the best bang-for-buck travel destinations around the world.

Top 5: Adventurous Destinations of the Next Decade

Some you may have heard of, some you may not, but these destinations are set to take off over the next few years – get there now before the crowds descend.

Top 5: Ancient Buddhist Temples to Visit

Buddhism has been one of the most popular religions in Asia for over 2,500 years and with help from Allegra Peelor, we put together the five most beautiful and fascinating ancient Buddhist temples to visit.

Top 5: Animal Volunteer Programmes

Have you ever gone somewhere really special on holiday and wished there was some way you could give back to the local community?

Where to go

Where to go in August 2017

From a family holiday in Wales to a Kenyan safari: four last-minute holiday ideas for August

Where to go on holiday in July 2017

The south of France is all very well, but there are great holiday options further afield. Here’s our pick of the best family, city, beach and adventure breaks for July


Sicily: a feast for your senses

Surrounded by the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean, the island of Sicily is a beguiling melting pot of Italian, Greek, Norman, Byzantine and Arab cultures.

An insider's guide to Sicily, the jewel of the Mediterranean

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily boasts dramatic coastlines and rugged interiors that are soaked in dazzling sunshine most of the year.

Six US cities that get better with every visit

There are some cities that you just want to return to again and again – places where memories are made and new discoveries wait around every corner.