City Highlight


City Highlight: Phnom Penh

Authentic and exotic, Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, dazzles visitors with its riverside walks, colourful markets and amazing street food

City Highlight: Prague

With grand baroque squares and Gothic spires, Prague has the storybook looks that make an impression regardless of the season

City Highlight: Shanghai

Shanghai is fast-paced, confident, and still growing at an extraordinary rate – it is where visitors come to see modern China at its glimmering best

City Highlight: New Delhi

New Delhi is a city of contrasts, and can be bewildering for first-time visitors, as the sights, sounds, smells and sensations can go into overdrive

City Highlight: Madrid

Madrid is vibrant, creative, and has a regal vibe with grand architecture befitting an ancient empire that once gripped the Iberian Peninsula



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Israel's tale of two cities: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

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Top 7 beaches for non-swimmers

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Celebrating the Festival of Lights

Every autumn, millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world get ready to celebrate Diwali

Poland’s great outdoors

From glorious mountaintops to delightful beach towns, Poland’s virtually untouched countryside gives you ample opportunity to explore

Where to go on holiday in October 2017

Now that we’ve waved a reluctant goodbye to the summer sun, it’s time to embrace a milder climate and, with it, a calmer travelling experience

Cyprus for foodies

With sun-kissed beaches, ancient ruins and tranquil villages, Cyprus offers an island escape to fit all – and it’s also a foodie destination in its own right

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Where to go

Where to go on holiday in October 2017

Now that we’ve waved a reluctant goodbye to the summer sun, it’s time to embrace a milder climate and, with it, a calmer travelling experience

Where to go on holiday in September 2017

Whether it’s a beach or city break, a trip with the family or a quest for adventure, we have the perfect suggestions for September


Sicily: a feast for your senses

Surrounded by the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean, the island of Sicily is a beguiling melting pot of Italian, Greek, Norman, Byzantine and Arab cultures.

An insider's guide to Sicily, the jewel of the Mediterranean

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily boasts dramatic coastlines and rugged interiors that are soaked in dazzling sunshine most of the year.

Six US cities that get better with every visit

There are some cities that you just want to return to again and again – places where memories are made and new discoveries wait around every corner.