City Highlight


City Highlight: Jakarta

Jakarta is bold and dynamic as the Java coffee beans it has been exporting to the world since the 17th century. For intrepid foodies, it’s Kopi Luwak that gets all the attention.

City Highlight: Doha

In Doha, going to the shopping malls is more than a hobby, it's a necessity. Read on to find out why.

City Highlight: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is like sunshine on roses - beautiful and sophisticated, it makes your heart melt like butter on a hot pavement.

City Highlight: Beirut

One of the oldest cities in the world, Beirut is an intoxicating mix of East and West, fast becoming cosmopolitan attracting worldwide travellers.

City Highlight: Sydney

Hugh Jackman said, “If I’m a lush at anything, it’s food and drink.” He’s a Sydney boy, and his hometown makes the tastebuds of food lovers salivate.



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Chefchaouen, The Green City

Donald Twain finds out why in an ancient town painted almost entirely blue, all the locals are smoking the green stuff.

Norway: on the edge of the world

If Bergen is known as “the gateway to the fjords” then Flåm is the epicentre. Chris Swindells ventures into the unspoiled Sognefjord.

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Sicily: A Feast For Your Senses

Surrounded by the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean, the island of Sicily is a beguiling melting pot of Italian, Greek, Norman, Byzantine and Arab cultures.

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