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Traveling on a budget

Holiday on a budget: 21 great travel tips

If you’re craving a break but feeling the squeeze, don’t panic. It’s possible to travel on a budget without compromising on quality

Chocolate truffles

Top 5: Chocoholic experiences

You can take your chocolate addiction worldwide with these chocoholic experiences, allowing you to live out your most appetising dessert-filled dreams

Navagio Beach with shipwreck view on Zakynthos island, Greece

Where to go on holiday in August 2019

From book festivals in Edinburgh to Elvis impersonators in Memphis, wildlife in Kenya to sun tanning in Greece, our August holiday ideas are sizzling hot

The Doha Olympic ring monument

Top 5: Former Olympic sites to visit

The Olympic Games have become more than just a sporting event – it’s a feast of architectural design, where countries compete for the ultimate Olympic site

Voyager Spacecraft Capsule

Space tourism: Ground control to… anybody with a big enough bank balance

To date, only about 560 people have gone into space, however rapid advances in technology mean that we’re getting closer to a new era in space tourism