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Panama City - Ruins of the Jesuit Convent, Panama City

Panama City

It might be a modern, developed metropolis, and the capital of one of Latin America's fastest growing economies, but Panama City has never been much of a des...

Seattle - Seattle Waterfront, Washington, USA


If Seattle was a person it would be the one who everybody else wants to be: the cool, indie kid with the kooky style, the chilled attitude and the fat wallet...

Philadelphia - Philadelphia Skyline, Pennsylvania, USA


Philadelphia is the home of significant moments in American history, but it’s also a leader in the arts and home to gorgeous green spaces, pop-up beer ...

Santa Fe - Snowy Hills of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Santa Fe

Colourful Santa Fe is a meeting point of ancient and modern America, blending the earthy spirituality of native Pueblo Indians with the picturesque landmarks...

Chicago - Chicago Financial Distict Illinois, USA


Often overlooked in favour of New York or San Francisco, the ‘Windy City’ of Chicago doesn’t fall short as a centre of culture, art and arc...

Albuquerque - Neri Church, Albequerque, New Mexico, USA


Rich in history and natural beauty, successively home to native American farmers, Spanish colonists and Yankee pioneers, Albuquerque represents the USA at it...

New York City - New York City

New York City

New York’s capacity to surprise and delight never waivers - this is a metropolis which constantly reinvents itself, setting trends which every other wo...

New Orleans - NewOrleans-Louisiana, USA

New Orleans

Sitting pretty at the mouth of the Mississippi River, New Orleans is one of America’s most astonishing cultural melting pots. It’s a little bit F...

Boston - Boston in Massachusetts, USA


For all intents and purposes, Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is the oldest city in America. Founded in 1630, its winding streets and stately architect...