24 Hours in...

24 hours in: Havana

Buzzing, frenetic and steeped in history, Havana is one of the most bewildering and captivating cities in the Caribbean. Prepare for a culture shock and take a step back in time.

24 hours in: Berlin

It's been 20 years since the Wall came down, but Berlin is still very much a tale of two cities. Few European capitals can boast the distinct, bipolar split of its DNA as much as Berlin – East and West, gritty and gourmet, laid-back and raucous – paired with its never-ending stream of cultural and creative offerings.

24 hours in: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is no place for the fainthearted. A whirl of animated diners, midnight dancers, hooting cars and vigorous protesting, this vast, sun-drenched city is the intense nucleus of one of South America's most overtly passionate nations. From the animated crowds that fill the city's plazas well into the night, to the political clamour and shopping frenzy of the centre, Buenos Aires is a round-the-clock riot waiting to be joined.

24 hours in: Los Angeles

Everyone’s heard of glamorous Hollywood, but Los Angeles is far more than a celebrity playground so don’t be turned off by the big screen stereotypes.

24 hours in: Phnom Penh

Situated at the meeting point of the Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers, Cambodia's capital is a gritty, groovy blend of old colonial architecture and edgy new ventures. Our 24-hour guide will help you get to grips with a city still well off the mainstream South East Asia tourist trail.

24 hours in: Brussels

On the lookout for great food, culture and plenty of art? Then Brussels is the city for you: cheaper than Paris and more off-beat than you'd think, travel to this charming capital to uncover what lies beyond the beer and chocolate.

24 hours in: Florence

As the birthplace of the Renaissance period, opera and even gelato, Florence has enough cultural heritage to fill a whole lifetime.

24 hours in: Košice

With its well-preserved historic core and wealth of cultural events and festivals, Slovakia's second largest city, Košice was deservedly awarded the status of European Capital of Culture in 2013, sharing the title with Marseille.

24 hours in: Amsterdam

Amsterdam may lack the drama of other world cities - you won't find the spiky skylines and frenetic pace here - but what you will find, underneath its photogenic, old-world charm is a thoroughly progressive city. It hasn't sacrificed liveability in pursuit of modernity, as the presence of the cycling masses and 'alternative' lifestyles on display shows. Whether you're going for the first time or the tenth, there's always something to see in Amsterdam.

24 hours in: Hong Kong

A thicket of skyscrapers hemmed in by towering peaks and lit up with more neon than Las Vegas, Hong Kong is not a city that does things by halves. Determinedly modern, the city still hasn't lost sight of its roots, with junks chugging along Victoria Harbour and traditional temples peeping out between skyscrapers. It's a whirlwind of a place that can just be done within 24 hours but deserves a whole lot more.

24 hours in: Yangon

It may no longer be the capital of Myanmar, but Yangon is still its most engaging city, with a colonial past (even if the British-era buildings are in an advanced state of decay), and new investment increasingly evident. Here's your guide on how to spend 24 hours in the city.

24 hours in: Miami

Thanks to its tropical climate and late night opening hours, Miami is Florida's most renowned party town. But its Cuban influence and burgeoning art scene mean there's plenty of culture too. A word of warning, Miami is all about excess, so make sure you stockpile a little sleep, and cash, before you go.

24 hours in: Kathmandu

Nepal's capital Kathmandu feels like a frontier town - raw, authentic and definitely a place for adventurers. Our 24-hour guide will help you tackle one of Southern Asia's most vibrant cities.

24 hours in: New Orleans

New Orleans takes its music and its partying more seriously than most, with revellers gearing up for the start of Mardi Gras parades this week. Heeding the locals' advice: 'Laissez les bons temps rouler' (Let the good times roll), Marie Peyre lets her hair down for 24 hours.

24 hours in: Montevideo

The Uruguayan capital is an inviting and lively metropolis, full of contrasting architecture, districts and colours. Get the best out of 24 hours in one of South America's pre-eminent cities with our 24-hour guide.

24 hours in: Ljubljana

Having been settled by the Romans, destroyed by Attila the Hun and raided by the Magyars, Ljubljana has more recently emerged from the former Yugoslavia to become a cosmopolitan city with a thriving cultural scene. Find out how to spend 24 hours in one of Europe's smaller capital cities.

24 hours in: Auckland

Located on a narrow isthmus surrounded by myriad islands and spectacular twin harbours, Auckland's stunning landscape, rich history and vibrant nightlife makes it a natural gateway to exploring New Zealand's North Island. Here's how to make the most of your time in the 'City of Sails'.

24 hours in: New York City

From Broadway to Brooklyn, New York is a city that really does have it all. Fast-paced, vibrant and bursting with attractions, you'll need plenty of stamina to to soak up the best of the Big Apple.

24 hours in: Vancouver

Sparkling, vivacious Vancouver is an extraordinarily attractive city of soaring skyscrapers and mountains surrounded by shimmering ocean. It’s a city where you can ski, sail, cycle and hike; eat top-notch food or track down cutting edge fashion or next season’s snowboard. So what should you do if you only have 24 hours?

24 hours in: Istanbul

Grounded in tradition, decorated in culture but completely up to speed with latest trends, it’s amazing how wonderfully multi faceted the Turkish city of Istanbul is. If you only have a day to spend in this fabulous and vibrant metropolis, then make the most of your time with our handy 24-hour guide.

24 hours in: Beirut

The word vibrant is one that’s frequently overused by travel writers but for the Lebanese capital, Beirut, it’s one that genuinely fits the bill. One of the best party spots in the world, Beirut combines a hedonistic appetite for pleasure with beauteous boulevards and a fascinating – if troubled – history. A single day doesn’t do it justice but with our 24-hour guide, you should be able to squeeze in some of the highlights.

24 hours in: Cracow

Poland's cultural capital Cracow doesn’t receive nearly enough credit for its stunning architecture and fascinating social and political history. This picturesque city however gets a chance to enjoy the limelight as the base for the England squad during the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship starting on 8 June. Here's how to make the most of your time in Cracow.