Boats in Spice Island harbour, Grenada
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Boats in Spice Island harbour, Grenada

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Grenada Travel Guide

Key Facts

344 sq km (132 sq miles).


109,590 (2013).

Population density

319.6 per sq km.


Saint George’s.


Constitutional monarchy.

Head of state

HM Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by Governor-General Cécile La Grenade since 2013.

Head of government

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell since 2013.


220 volts AC, 50Hz. British-style three-pin plugs are standard.

A mountainous and volcanic landscape gives Grenada one of the loveliest environments in the Caribbean, with crater lakes, rainforests and coastal mangrove plantations giving way to white sand beaches, and brilliant blue waters filled with coral reefs.

Grenada is known as the 'Spice Island' - and with good reason. Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla are just a few of the scented gems found here. When it comes to food, Grenadian's like it particularly hot and spicy. Pepper pot is a favourite - meat cooked with lots of pepper, garlic and onions. As well as frangrent spices, music is also an important part of life on Grenada, and the calypso tunes dancing over the island serve to evoke Grenada's African origins.

Travel Advice

Last updated: 26 January 2015

The travel advice summary below is provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK. 'We' refers to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. For their full travel advice, visit

There is no British High Commission in Grenada. If you need consular assistance, contact the British High Commission in Barbados.

Cases of Chikungunya virus have been confirmed in Grenada and the number of reported cases in the region is increasing. You should take steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. For more details about this outbreak, see the website of the National Health Network and Centre.

The hurricane season in Grenada normally runs from June to November. 

Over 20,000 British nationals visited Grenada in 2013. Most visits are trouble-free but there have been incidents of crime including armed robbery and sexual assault.

There have been incidents of robbery and other crime.

There is a low threat from terrorism.