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Travel Features

Bernina Express, Switzerland

Scenic rail journeys: 16 of the world’s greatest train journeys

The World Travel Guide shares 16 of the greatest train journeys that the world has to offer from across six continents

Lapland, Finland

Where to go on holiday in December 2019

If you’re planning a December getaway, check out these four destinations for some holiday inspiration

Three young people cycling down the street

Bike-friendly cities around the world

Cycling improves your health, is kind to your wallet and the environment, and is an excellent way to take in the city

Derinkuyu, Turkey

Going underground: 22 of the world's best subterranean sites

Venture beneath the surface to find a selection of sunken secrets, extraordinary experiences and buried boltholes across the globe

Shrine of the Bab, Haifa, Israel

Pilgrimages and religious destinations

From dry riverbeds to lush mountaintops, here is a selection of famous and lesser-known religious destinations