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Hawaii's most emblematic symbol is without doubt the lei - a garland of flowers, given as an expression of welcome and hospitality. May Day is...


A fusion of Pan-Pacific cultures, this popular festival is a weekend of events ranging from a block party to a fun half marathon. But the main...


From August to mid-October, the Aloha Festivals take place across six of the islands, celebrating Hawaii's music, dance and history. More than 300...

Honolulu beach
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Honolulu beach


Honolulu travel guide

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Honolulu today is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city that's also on the doorstep to some world class beaches.

The city is the hub of business, politics, education, entertainment and the arts in Hawaii. Fine dining, resorts, theatre, museums, concerts, shopping, sports, nightlife and cultural events - Honolulu offers all the pleasures of a world-class destination with the blessed bonus of balmy weather year round.

Start your visit in Honolulu, before venturing out to other areas of Oahu. There are wonderful discoveries to be made everywhere you go, every day you are there.

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