Six US cities that get better with every visit

Published on: Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Six US cities that get better with every visit - feature


There are some cities that you just want to return to again and again – places where memories are made and new discoveries wait around every corner.

We were inspired by‘s “Don’t Skip the Trip” campaign and the reasons why some cities are worth visiting more than once. Whether you know them like the back of your hand or only by reputation, these classic US destinations are always chock-full of surprises.

New York

If cities were music then the Big Apple would be a pure gold track: one that stands the test of time and gets the nostalgia flowing whenever you hear it. That pinnacle-packed skyline must be the world’s most famous cityscape, and it’s been wowing travellers from all across the world for generations. There are a few iconic experiences that every first-time visitor to New York needs to get out the way (think a trip up the Empire State Building, shopping at Macy’s and a stroll around Central Park), but it’s impossible to really delve beneath the city’s skin in one visit. To ‘get’ NYC you need time: time to discover the quirky little neighbourhoods, hidden speakeasies, mad museums and invite-only restaurants that make this a place to fall more deeply in love with on every trip.



A melting pot of artistic, musical and gastronomic creativity, Austin prides itself on being wonderfully weird. Like most eccentrics, though, the Texan capital only really opens up on better acquaintance. At first glance, the city is all elegant architecture, glitzy restaurants and high-brow cultural institutions. It takes a few visits to uncover Austin’s crazy side: the offbeat nightlife of the warehouse district, the Tex Mex bars, the funky vintage shops… There’s always something new to do here, whether it’s watching the sunset from Pennybacker Bridge, catching a free outdoor concert at the Long Center or taking in the view over Lake Austin from the summit of Mount Bonnell – so grab a ‘Keep Austin Weird’ bumper sticker and make yourself at home.      


New Orleans

Ah, the Big Easy. Birthplace of jazz, home of the famous Mardi Gras parade and reputedly the most haunted city in North America. New Orleans is like no other city in the country. With its gabled houses, charming historic districts and traditional social order, every trip here is a journey back in time. It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of the place from the start, and the city’s allure just continues to grow with every visit. Embrace the relaxed Mississippi way of life and enjoy the famously warm welcome – you’ll feel like a local New Orleanian in no time.



The party never stops in Wyoming’s youngest and funkiest town, where sunburned skiers mingle with climbers and adventurers in a constellation of achingly hip bars. You’ll be sifting through nostalgic memories of bracing mountain hikes and crazy nights out long after the end of your trip. There’s always bags of fun to be had in Jackson, but it’s the allure of the great outdoors that draws visitors back time and time again. There are countless ways to enjoy this scenic wonderland, from kayaking down white water rivers and paragliding over wildflower-filled meadows to horse-riding around endless backcountry trails. The more you explore, the more you’ll find yourself drawn in by the dazzling beauty of the Rocky Mountains. 

You could spend a lifetime in Honolulu and never get bored of the colours: those searing blue skies, dazzling sands, turquoise seas and lush green jungles. First-time visitors tend to make a beeline for Waikki, a chic beachfront suburb scattered with high-end hotels and populated by tanned surfers, but the fun of further trips lies in getting off the tourist trail. Whether it’s donning a grass skirt and boogying to traditional Hawaiian music, exploring the archipelago’s enchanting secret beaches or tantalising your taste buds in the restaurants of Chinatown, Honolulu is seething with things to see, do and discover.


San Francisco

Change is the lifeblood of San Fran, the place that dreamed up everything from jeans, jukeboxes and Uber to… er… ice cream sandwiches. Even the locals find it hard to keep up with the endless turnover of new trends, and for visitors it can feel returning to a different city on every trip. Microbreweries, experience-based restaurants, life-transforming apps, kooky fashions – there’s always something crazy and exciting happening in San Francisco. The city has its finger firmly on the cultural pulse, but it’s constants like the glorious rolling scenery and the open-minded friendliness of the locals that really make this a city to return to again and again.

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