Bitesized guide: Eco restaurants

Published on: Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Bitesized guide: Eco restaurants - feature


From eco-conscious cakes to fresh ingredients and organic pizza, discover the world's top eco-friendly eateries in our second bitesized guide to holidaying the green way.

Acorn House, London, UK

With fresh seasonal menus, a dedication to healthy eating and environmental responsibility, this revolutionary and pioneering restaurant offers its London visitors a unique and affordable eco-friendly experience in glamorous surrounds.


Pizza Fusion, across the USA

Fresh and organic pizza, salads and beers are all on offer at Pizza Fusion – one of the most eco-friendly restaurants in America. Using recycled materials (including countertops made from 100% recycled detergent bottles), locally produced food and even hybrid delivery cars, this fancy chain is all about ‘Saving the Earth, One Pizza at a Time’. And as an eco incentive, those who bring back their used pizza boxes for recycling get discounts.

Bordeaux Quay, Bristol, UK

From their rainwater harvesting system, to sustainably sourced materials and a comprehensive recycling and composting scheme, Bristol’s Bordeaux Quay was the first UK restaurant to take the green approach several steps further.


Palms Wilderness, Wilderness, South Africa

This beautiful South African retreat has many green credentials, from alternative energy resources to locally sourced ingredients and eco-training for its staff. The dinner menu changes daily with exciting fresh dishes, best enjoyed with local South African wines.

Top 4 tips to green eating out!

Ask where the food is from
If you fancy fish, choose carefully. Before you order, ask how and where your fish was caught, as Greenpeace lists fish species threatened by unsustainable fishing, and these include many favourites such as Atlantic cod, tuna, tropical prawns and haddock.

Eat seasonal food
If dining in the UK, strawberries in December will have been flown in from far away. These will have caused more emissions than strawberries picked locally in June.

Order organic
The pesticides used in commercial farming cause a huge array of environmental problems, from polluting rivers, to causing health problems for farm workers in many parts of the developing world.

Eat less meat
The environmental problems associated with eating too much meat have been well reported recently, so be green by considering the veggie option on the menu – it’s not only for vegetarians.