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Getting Around Aruba



Road Quality

The road system throughout the island is very good.

Car Hire

There are plenty of cars available for hire and touring by car or by 4-wheel drive jeep is one of the most pleasant ways to explore the island. Most major companies have offices in Aruba and there are also many well-established local car hire firms. The minimum age for hiring a car is 21 to 25 (maximum 65 to 70), depending on the firm.


The main taxi office is at Pos Abou. Taxis are not metered. Rates are fixed and should be checked before getting into the cab. There is no need to tip drivers except for help with unusually heavy luggage.


It's possible to hire scooters, motorbikes and bicycles.


Seatbelts must be worn. Right turns on red lights are prohibited. The speed limit is 40kph (25mph) in urban areas and 60kph (37mph) outside towns.


A valid foreign licence or an International Driving Permit, held for at least two years, are both acceptable. Insurance is recommended.

Urban travel

A streetcar connects Oranjestad with the cruise ship port.



Ferries depart daily to De Palm Island from the mainland. The crossing takes five minutes.

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