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Aruba Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Aruba

As a 'free zone', duty on most items in Aruba is so low that shopping here can have obvious advantages. Stores carry goods from all parts of the world and there are some excellent buys, including perfume, linens, jewellery, watches, cameras, crystal, china and other luxury items plus a range of locally made handicrafts. Aloe grows in abundance on Aruba, and skin care products are manufactured locally.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0800-1800; some shops close for lunch between 1200-1400. Shops in malls and shopping centres may open 0930-1800 and may open Sundays when cruise ships are in port.

Nightlife in Aruba

There is one drive-in and one indoor cinema screening the latest blockbusters. The highlight of Aruba's nightlife, however, is the casinos; most open from 1100 until the early morning, with a few opening 24 hours. Hotel bars usually offer live entertainment and most hotels run theme nights. Alternatively, there are several cocktail bars and nightclubs in Oranjestad; join one of the party buses for a lively pub tour. Another option is one of the party cruises, usually offering dinner, drinks and entertainment.

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