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Where to stay in Bahamas


There are luxury hotels offering full porter, bell and room service, planned activities, sports, shops and beauty salons, swimming pools and entertainment; some have a private beach, golf course and tennis courts. The small hotels are more informal and while activities are less extensive, they usually offer a dining room and bar.

Honeymoon Hotels: Fulfilling its role as a romantic destination, there are ample honeymooning hotspots. Hotel chains like Sandals Luxury Included ® offer a wide variety of options for couples, including facilities for lavish and small-scale weddings, privacy and seclusion and often special rates and offers.

Boutique Hotels: Boutique is big on the Bahamas and several of the middle to top-end hotels have garnered a stylish reputation for themselves due to their cutting-edge design, with names as famed as Versace (who designed the Bridge Suite at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort) being involved. Boutique hotels have a particular exclusivity factor on the Bahamas, with many offering only limited rooms (1-30) although many of the larger hotel facilities are still available.

Apartment Hotels: These consist of apartment units with complete kitchen and maid service. Other hotel facilities (ie swimming pool, sporting activities, restaurant and bar, etc) are normally available on the premises.

Bed and breakfast

Bahamian guest houses are less expensive than hotels, and offer better opportunities for getting to know Bahamians themselves. Many offer room-only board, but there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. The Out Islands' hotels are small with a casual atmosphere. About 50 small hotels and guest houses are promoted as Small Treasures of the Bahamas by the Ministry of Tourism and are regularly inspected.


Camping is not permitted on any of the islands of The Bahamas.

Other accomodation

Apartments: Apartment/cottage units have complete kitchen facilities and some have maid service. Generally, there are no restaurant facilities and guests are required to prepare their own meals. A few are situated in landscaped estates with their own beach, much like the cottage colonies but without the main clubhouse.

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