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Bahamas Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Bahamas

In 1992, the Bahamas abolished all import duties. Popular buys include perfumes, crystal, leather, jewellery, linens, watches, cameras and china. Straw goods, ceramics, clothing, seashell jewellery, paintings and woodcarvings are made locally.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0930-1900 and on Sunday mornings.

Nightlife in Bahamas

A great climate, a wonderfully friendly people and a clutch of renowned celebrity hang-outs: the Bahamas has all the ingredients for a cracking night out, and delivers. Most hotels contain bars, lounges and nightclubs. Live music, beach parties and discos centre on calypso and goombay bands with limbo dancing. Four casinos are spread across Cable Beach, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama (Freeport and Lucaya) with festivals and live entertainment organised locally year-round. At renowned venues like Elvira's Bar on Eleuthera you might find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with the stars themselves once the party gets started.

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