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Getting Around Curaçao


Winair ( operates to Saba, St Eustatius and St Maarten.

Departure tax

US$20 to Aruba and St Martin and US$10 to Bonaire.


Side of the road


Car Hire

International and local firms are located at the airport and in the main hotels, as well as in the capital.


In good supply and recognisable by their signs and also the letters TX on registration plates. Taxis have no meters but fares are standard and are based on one to four people with a 25% surcharge for a fifth passenger and/or after 2300. Always agree prices in advance. Tipping, while not obligatory, is usually about 10% of the fare.

Tuk-tuk mini-taxis (motorised rickshaws) are available in Willemstad from Sinustra taxi association; some hotels offer them free to their guests.


There's a limited public bus service. It covers most parts of the island, but services usually only run about once an hour.


The speed limit is 60-80kph (37-50mph) outside town and 45kph (28mph) in built-up areas.


A valid national driving licence is required. You don't need an International Driving Permit.

Urban travel

Small vans (with 'bus' on their number plates) carry up to nine passengers and cover routes within the capital.


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