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Things to see and do in Grenada

Attractions in Grenada

Admire the exhibits at Carriacou Museum

A good first stop would be to discover Grenada's history at the Carriacou Museum in Hillsborough, where there's an impressive collection of Amerindian artefacts and mementoes dating back to 18th century when the islands were occupied by the French and British.

Bask on the beach

With its swaying palms and white sandy shores, Grand Anse is one of Grenada's best beaches. Levera Bay and Morne Rouge are also stunning, but to bask away from the crowds head to the deserted beaches on the southern coast. Like surfing? Then take your board to Levera Bay, which has fine swells.

Bathe under the waterfalls

Grenada's most spectacular waterfalls are the 15m (50ft) Annandale Falls and Mount Carmel Waterfall, which cascades into clear pools below. You can swim in several of the islands' rainforest pools and lakes, many of which are formed by waterfalls, such as the Concord Falls.

Dazzle your senses on a spice tour

Fill your nostrils with sweet aromas on Spice Island, which is home to Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station, the largest nutmeg processing factory on the island. The nearby Dougaldston Estate also offers heady aromas and spice trivia on their tours. If you like what you smell, pick up some samples as you exit through the gifts hop.

Enjoy a glass of Caribbean rum

Quaffing rum is a time-honoured tradition in the Caribbean, particularly on Grenada. Discover how rum is made on a guided tour of one of the island's main rum distilleries. At the Grenada Sugar Factory in St George, guided tours include a tasting and opportunity to purchase its rum products.

Go for a very fun run

Make sure you're on Grenada on a Saturday, to watch a fortnightly event known as hashing. Participants meet at a designated rum shop, run around the island following a trail of flour or paper, before returning to the rum shop to undo all the exercise.

Have a reef encounter while diving

Grand Anse beach is the starting point for diving trips to nearby reefs and islands. One of the best dive sites is Molinière Reef, which is about 5km (3 miles) from St George's. Carriacou, in the Grenadines, also offers excellent diving. Keen snorkellers should head to White Island Marine Park and Martin's Bay, close to Grand Anse.

Join in Carnival

August is carnival time on Grenada and everyone is welcome to join in. It's a riot of colour and fun, with lively street parties, street theatre, steel bands and calypso competitions that all go on well into the early hours of the morning.

Set sail for adventure

Yacht races and regattas are held throughout the year on Grenada. The Sailing Festival in February is the biggest and attracts yachtsmen from all over the world. The sailing regatta in Tyrell Bay on Carriacou is also popular. The Grenadine islands are a popular sailing destination.

Sign up for an ecology day out

See Grenada's oyster beds, reached along a trail from Tyrrel Bay, followed by a short boat ride to the middle of one of the most pristine ecosystems in the region: La Sagesse Nature Reserve, which is a protected bird sanctuary with rivers, mangroves and salt lakes.

Take a dip in the lucky springs

The River Sallee's boiling sulphur springs can be seen bubbling in a number of holes north of Lake Antoine, leaving orange and yellow hues on the surrounding landscape. They are of spiritual importance for various religious sects and a natural wishing well. Don't forget to throw in a coin before you leave.

Take a hike in Grand Etang

Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve contains numerous marked trails, with gentle half-hour walks or expeditions of several hours. The park contains a wealth of interesting flora and fauna, and there are spectacular flower displays depending on the season.

Tourist offices

Grenada Board of Tourism in the USA

Address: P.O. Box 1668, Lake Worth, 33460
Telephone: 588 8176.

Grenada Board of Tourism in the UK

Address: 4th floor, 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, , London, W6 7BA
Telephone: (020) 8328 0650.
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