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Haiti Food and Drink

Haitian food brings the best of Africa, France and the Caribbean together on a plate. Creole and French cuisine are the most widely available, but there's a variety of other cuisines on offer too, including Lebanese, Japanese and American.


Griot (fried pork)
Pikliz (Spicy Haitian coleslaw)
Banan peze (fried green plantain)
Cabri boucane (grilled goat)
Tasso (preserved beef, goat or turkey, fried or grilled)
Lambi nan sos kreyol (Conch in Creole sauce)
Marinade de Lambi (Conch fritters)
Akra (fritters made out of Malanga, a root vegetable)
Diri ak djondjon(rice and black mushrooms)
Diri kole (rice and beans)
Pate (savoury pastries stuffed with chicken, beef, cheese and smoked or unsmoked fish


A 10 to 15% tip is expected, but check your bill to see if it has already been included.

Drinking age

18 years

Regional drinks

Haiti is famous for Barbancourt rum, made by one of the country's oldest rum and brandy distilling families. It also takes pride in its local beer, Prestige.

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