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Martinique Food and Drink

The island's cuisine is characterised by French and Caribbean influences. Creole cuisine is also widely available and is an original combination of French, Indian and African traditions seasoned with exotic spices.


• Lobster, red snapper, conch and sea urchin.
• Stuffed crab.
• Stewed conch.
Colombo (dish of goat, chicken, pork or lamb in a thick curry sauce).

Things to know

There are no licensing restrictions. Meals are ended with tropical fruit.


10% is acceptable.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

'Ti punch (a brew of rum, lime juice, bitters and syrup).
Shrub (a Christmas liqueur consisting of rum and orange peel).
Planteur (made from rum and fruit juice).
Guava, soursop, passionfruit, mandarin and sugar-cane juices.

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