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Martinique Health Care and Vaccinations

Title Special precautions
Hepatitis A Yes
Diphtheria Sometimes
Rabies No
Tetanus Yes
Typhoid No
Yellow Fever No
Malaria No

Health Care

A reciprocal health agreement exists between France and the UK. However, the benefits which go with this agreement may not be fully available in Martinique. Check with your doctor before departure. Martinique has 18 hospitals and several specialists and clinics.

Food and Drink

Mains water is normally chlorinated and, whilst relatively safe, may cause mild abdominal upsets. Bottled water is available. Drinking water outside main cities and towns may be contaminated and sterilisation is advisable. Milk is pasteurised and dairy products are safe for consumption. Local meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables are generally considered safe to eat.

Other Risks

Vaccinations against tuberculosis and hepatitis B are sometimes recommended. Avoid swimming and paddling in fresh water; swimming pools which are well chlorinated and maintained are safe.

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